Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You Are What You Share

Thank you so much to Jenny Luca for sharing this amazing video. In her post Professional Development, Not Shameless Self Promotion, Jenny articulates beautifully how so many of us feel about the vastness of information that we are swimming through every day. And, I appreciate her support of my own blogging and the importance of sharing ideas with others.

we think

This video titled "We Think" was created by Charles Leadbeater. It is meant as a companion video to his book We-think: The Power of Mass Creativity which, unfortunately, can only be purchased through Amazon.uk (boy has the dollar depreciated). You can, however, download the first three chapters and a draft of his book from his Website. The ideas in this video add more support my to my belief in The Power of Collective Intelligence.


jennylu said...

Thanks Liz- I appreciate you acknowledging me and providing links to my blog. Another opportunity for professional development, and not shameless self promotion!! It is a great video isn't it.
Jenny Luca.

Jeff Richardson said...

This is an awesome opportunity to introduce teachers to web2.0 and show them how very powerful all this sharing really is. They hear their tech coaches talk about it, but few of them are sharing (at least at my schools)and think this video is a good way to introduce and maybe get them hooked...if nothing else, to generate some quesitons. Thanks for sharing this, Liz!

Devon Adams said...

Between Charles Leadbeater & Michael Wesch, we are among the greatest minds in the 21st century, and let's keep doing what we do. MASS INNOVATION. Sharing our minds like Dumbeldore's sieve.