Monday, April 28, 2008

How do you cite Flickr images?


Joe Pemberton's photostream on Flickr

In an effort to make my blog more visually appealing, I've been trying to use images to spice up the page a bit. I use the advanced search option on Flickr and search for images that have Creative Commons licenses. The Flock browser provides the option of blogging the image I find. This allows me to copy it onto my blog page and automatically links the picture to the Flickr page where I found it.

I've been wondering for a while how to properly cite these images. Is there a proper format? Who is the author? Is the link enough or do I need to include more? I've been doing it a variety of ways - sometimes including the citation, sometimes just a link to the Flickr page.

In an effort to find an answer, I searched "How to cite images on Flickr?" and this is what I found:

I also went to my favorite personal learning network - Twitter. I got a variety of responses. You can see them below. The common thread among the responses is yes, you should cite them. The question of how to do it seems up in the air. I particularly like the idea of including a comment on the Flickr page when you do use an image. I'm going to do that from now on.

What do you think? How do you cite Flickr images?

Elizabeth Davis lizbdavis Copyright Question: If I use a Creative Commons image from flickr on my blog, and link to the flikr page, should I also cite the source?
Andrea Hernandez edtechworkshop @lizbdavis I meant to say I notice that I usually give a longer, more detailed image credit than I usually see. I don't know what is proper.

Andrea Hernandez edtechworkshop @lizbdavis I use as the model for how I cite images.clik on pic, gives bibliography. is more than most ppl use

Ann Oro njtechteacher @lizbdavis This is how I've been citing them: But there was some discussion that I should show CC license too.

kevin oshea kevinoshea @lizbdavis CC is a different beast in that there is a tiered system of usability. - Look at those and see which fits

Peter Bihr thewavingcat @lizbdavis if you link to the author or image itself, it should be fine. the more reference you put in, the better, of course!

TWalk TWalk @lizbdavis Not sure I'm doing it *exactly* right, but I've had good reactions from the way I cite Flickr pics on my blog:

Scott Elias ScottElias @lizbdavis That's what I do. Link and cite.

Linda Hartley lindiop @lizbdavis otherwise just use their name and link to their flickr profile. It's the Flickr T&C that mean you need to link back to the photo

mrplough07 mrplough07 @lizbdavis - Flickr user: name .....under the is link if you want to see....

Linda Hartley lindiop @lizbdavis check the person's profile page to see if the have a pref

davideisert davideisert @lizbdavis CC allows you to use the image with a link back. My understanding is citation matters most for plagiarism concerns.

Jeff O'Hara zemote @lizbdavis It is good practice to site the source and give credit for CC work

Linda Hartley lindiop @lizbdavis CC needs attribution as well as link. It's nice to leave them a comment too :-)

mrplough07 mrplough07 @lizbdavis - In my latest blog post I began putting a credit line under the photo to the flickr user. just to make attribution more open

Stephanie Anderson Stephieand @lizbdavis yes. It's the right thing to do.

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