Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Edublog Award Nominations

It is time again for the Edublog Awards. I read a lot of blogs and I thank everyone for taking the time to share their thoughts and resources with me. Here are just a few of the people that keep me learning every day.
  • Best individual Blog Blogush by Paul Bogush
    Paul is an 8th grade social studies teacher in Connecticut. He isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He makes me think, and sometime cringe and often laugh. I admire his risk taking and his commitment to his students and to being the best teacher he can be.
  • Best individual Tweeter @butwait
    It is hard to pick just one, but Shelly shares great stuff, she retweets and also responds and thinks about what might be helpful to individuals, not just the collective.
  • Best Resource Sharing Blog Edueyeview by Sarah Sutter
    Sarah is and art teacher in Maine. Her artistic perspective makes the links she shares particularly interesting, and often things you won't find elsewhere.
  • Most Influential Blog Post spectacle at Web2.0 Expo... from my perspective by Danah Boyd
    Danah's writing on teens and technology is always inspiring. This post about her recent experience with a backchannel gone rogue is particularly compelling.
  • Best Teacher Blog MagistraM by Danja Mahoney
    Danja is a Latin teacher in Massachusetts. She shares great resources, projects and ideas that relate to all teachers. I think it's particularly cool that such a forward thinking person teaches a "dead" language ;-)
  • Best Librarian / Library Blog The Web Footed Book Lady by Lesley Edwards
    I only recently discovered this librarian's blog. Lesley shares great ideas and resources.
  • Best Educational Tech Support Blog Thumann Resources by Lisa Thumann
    No Edublog nomination list would be complete without Lisa. She is the ultimate support person, sharing great ideas, tips and links.
  • Best Elearning / Corporate Education Blog Brandon Hall by Janet Clarey
    I love Janet's irreverent writing style. She writes thought provoking posts about the state of social media. Her spin is a little different than the teacher blogs I read. I always learn something new here and often laugh while doing so.
  • Best Educational Use of Audio Conversations.net - Live Conversations on the Impact of the Internet on Cutlure and Society.
    Steve Hargadon (my hero) chooses amazing guests and asks great questions.
  • Best educational use of a Social Networking Service Independent School Educators Network
    This is probably too niche a network to win, but this has been a great resource for me as I have recently moved into the world of independent schools.


Janet Clarey said...

Thanks Liz. I'm humbled. You've also inspired me and I thank you for sharing some new-to-me bloggers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Lisa Thumann said...

Thanks, as always Liz, for your support. I think the list of nominees this year is going to be rather extensive as the edublogosphere has grown so much since the 2008 Edublog Awards.

I just feel privileged to share this space with so many great, dedicated educators.

Shelley said...

Oh my goodness, Liz!

What a strange and wonderful feeling to head into this list as an interested reader and come out a nominee!

I am so grateful for all your work and your sharing of it; I only hope that I can live up to your kind report here.

Don't know if my blush shows up, but here's what I looked like, just after.

Thank you so much.

MrsE said...

Wow, you've made my day! It means so much, especially when it was so unexpected. My deepest thanks! As your other nominees have written, I too am humbled and grateful. I feel privileged to continue to learn from you and others.

Loren said...

hey don't forget a new blog which is exploring tech in education, specifically the use of Google Wave for collaborative work: http://edume.me/?p=285

Gail Desler said...

So glad to see recognition for Steve Hargadon's many efforts on behalf of educators. I agree with hero status (I have him down for the lifetime achievement award;-)

Crestere said...

you deserve it!!! really, you really deserved it!

supliment said...

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Alcira said...

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