Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two For Tuesday 12-2-08

1. Weebly: Web creation made easy
Thanks to Steve Hargadon for pointing me to this great website building tool. Weebly is an easy and free way to create a website. They have easy to use templates, a blogging tool, content editing tools and the ability to embed video and other widgets. The site is free to use, but also offers the ability to purchase a domain or point an existing domain to their site. This is the perfect tool for building your digital footprint. I created this site to collect all of my online resources in one place.

2. Soshiku: The smart way to keep track of your homework

Soshiku is a free online tool that will help students keep track of all of their assignments. Students can add notes and information about each assignment that is due. Soshiku will even send text messages as reminders of important due dates. It also allows for file uploading and working collaboratively with a partner. Upgrade your assignment book into the 21st century and never loose track of a deadline again.


Anonymous said...

What useful tips! I think I might just use Weebly for my personal web page. I currently park the site in GoDaddy's space because that's where I purchased my url, and they have a huge banner at the top. This is one way around that problem.

Thea Russo said...

In my Technology class we have been using Weebly to gather all our class assignments it is a great site to use. I have not heard of Soshiku. How long does it take to enter all the dates into the system.


Liz B Davis said...

Tamika - I just started using Weebly, but so far it has been easy to use and I like the templates and features.

Thea - I haven't really tried out Soshiku. It looks like a useful tool. If you do check it out, please come back and let us know what you think.