Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ten Tools to Manage your Life

Happy New Year!
Ten Web 2.0 tools to Make your Resolutions a Reality
Please share your favorites!

1 - Lifetick
Lifetick is an online goal setting application that helps you to define your values, set goals, create tasks, stay motivated, track your progress, measure your performance and reflect on your experience. The interface is easy to use and also includes an iPhone app. The free version allows for 4 goals, while paid version costs $20 per year and allows for unlimited goals, and more journaling features.

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2 - Project2Manage
Projects2Manage is a free project management application that allows you to manage an unlimited number of projects, manage to-do lists, create milestones, write collaboratively with team members and post messages to keep colleagues informed. It will send out messages to remind you of tasks that are due and help keep you on target to meet your goals.

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3 - Planzone
Planzone is a Web-based workspace that allows you to manage your projects. You can set up a timeline, calendar, milestones and a schedule for completion. Planzone also integrates a wiki, discussion forum and blogging. You can also upload files. There is an RSS feed for your to do list so you can keep track of your project outside of the Planzone website. The free version supports 2 projects, up to 5 users and includes 25MB of storage.

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4 - Teamworkpm
Teamworkpm is an Online project managment system that allows you to set milestones, create task lists, upload documents, track time spent and manage people. The free version allows you to manage 2 projects at a time with an unlimited number of users and clients. The paid plans provide more storage space, a greater number of projects and security. You can pay monthly and cancel at any time.

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5 - Scrumy
Scrumy is a very simple task management application that helps you manage your projects by creating a "story" and creating the tasks necessary to complete the story. It is a lot like using virtual post-it notes and moving them around as your tasks move to different stages of development. The basic version doesn't require a password, you just create a URL and get to work. Anyone who knows the web address can add to the project. The Pro versions provide more functionality, such as password protection and includes features like burndown charts and sprints. The Pro version costs $7 a month.

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6 - Remember The Milk
Remember the Milk allows you to manage your tasks online. It integrates with iGoogle, Google Calendar, Twitter and Jott. There is also a free iPhone App. This is for simple task management and does not offer the project management features of some of the other apps listed here.

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7 - Remindr
Remindr is an online application that will send you reminders via Twitter, text messaging, IM and/or email. You simply go to the Website and put in the task you want to be reminded of and how you want to be reminded. If you follow the Remindr Bot on Twitter, it will DM you remindr messages on the time and date of your choice. This is a great tool for daily tasks that you don't want to forget, but not really effective for long term projects.

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8 - Slife
Slife is a free download that helps you keep track of what you do Online. It runs in the background and graphs where you spend your time both Online and off. You can see how much time you spend on particular websites, on email and on other applications. You can set productivity goals for how much time you would like to spend on an application and Slife will tell you when you've reached your limit. If you've ever looked up and found hours have passed and you don't know what you've done with them, Slife is for you. There is also a team version. As far as I can tell both versions are free.

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9 - Soshiku
Shoshiku is designed to help students keep track of assignments. You can add assignments and tasks, create reminders and also work with partners. Shoshiku allows you to attach files and share messages and chat with your partners. It will send you emails and/or text messages to remind you of things you need to get done.

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10 - Traineo Fitness and Weightloss
Traineo is a free community designed to help you lose weight & get fit. After you join you choose up to 4 friends or members of your family who will help you to stay true to your goals. There are traineo members who vollunteer to help motivate you, or you can invite friends and/or family to help keep you on target. There are also groups you can join and a forum where you can post questions.

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I hope you find these tool helpful. Do you use any of them already? Have you found them useful? Please let us know.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the advice. I use Project2Manage with students on their long-term projects. It's really helped them.

Personally, I love MapMyRun for fitness applications. It has features of a social networking site, fitness site (training goals, tips) and a personalized profile that has allowed me to keep track of my runs, my weights, my workouts. Plus, I have been able to map specific routes for long runs.

The name is misleading. It's not so much a running site as it is a fitness site.

loonyhiker said...

Thanks for this info! I downloaded Slife and I'm interested in the results.

Felipe Morales said...

Hola, Liz. Muchas gracias por compartir, te lo agradezco. he decidido probar tres herramientas: una es Remember the milk, que ya conocía pero que no usé; la segunda es project2manage, a ver cómo voy con ella; la tercera es soshiku, porque parece útil para que la use el alumnado. Ya veré como me va con ellas.
Saludos, e insisto, muchas gracias.

Hi, Liz. Thank you very much for sharing, thank you. I decided to try three tools: one is Remember the milk, which is already known but not used, the second is project2manage to see how I go with it; soshiku is the third because it seems useful to use the students. And I will see how I go with it.
Greetings, I repeat, thank you very much.

Robin said...

I just added Remember the Milk to my iGoogle page. I am still wavering between a few calendar/task management systems, looking for one that has the right feel. Interactivity with iGoogle is a must, so I am looking forward to playing around with this app. Thanks for sharing.

jjriv said...

You should also check out Intervals for managing tasks in the new year.

Antonio B Duarte Jr said...

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Web Laureate said...

i have used soshiku for classwork and it has definitely added harmony back into my life -

CHRISK said...

Here's another great fitness tool: It's totally free and you can journal, track calories, set goals and see a breakdown of how your daily noshing looks compared to the daily recommended intake for vitamins, carbs, protein, etc.