Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two for Yesterday

I usually try to get this out on a Tuesday (hence the name "Two for Tuesday"), but I'm not going to let the day of the week stop me from sharing two interesting resources.

1. Looking for some blogs to read? has collected the top blog sites and stories on the Web and grouped them into categories. Their interface lets you mouse over and read a blog post right from their page. They suggest you "think of an Alltop site as a “dashboard,” “table of contents,” or even a “digital magazine rack” of the Internet." They include a wide range of categories including education, sports, politics, fashion and celebrities. This is a great resource for good blogs - crazily, my blog is included on their education page! You can learn more about Alltop on Guy Kawasaki's blog: How to Change the World.

2. Looking for a study group? LetsCram is a "place where high school students can come study and get homework done in a social, laid-back environment." This looks like an interesting resource for high school students. Students can create and share study guides, schedule study sessions, chat, and even procrastinate. I haven't fully explored this yet. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has.

Better late than never.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

With regards to "LetsCram", take a look at this Toronto Star article about the response of Ryerson University in Toronto to a student who administered a study group on FaceBook. Looks like the tools are moving forward much faster than our institutions!