Saturday, February 16, 2008

Networking with

I wrote about the fabulous social bookmarking Website almost a year ago in a post titled Try Delicious, It's Yummy. I also made a screencast that shows you how to set up your account and some of the great features of Check out that blogpost or watch my YouTube screencast to learn more about the basics of

Recently, I discovered the networking feature of I've seen it there for a while, and I have people in my network, but I only just learned what you can do with it.

I've created a little screencast below that shows how to use the Networking feature of

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emapey said...

Excellent screencast. It also took me several months to discover networking features. Several people still don't get it.
Using in Education » Onlinesapiens Blog

Donna DesRoches said...

Thank you! This was very useful. I didn't understand the 'links for you' - now I do!

Anonymous said...

This is super, Liz!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great Screencast! What tool did you use to capture?

You know, another easy way to track what others are tagging is to subscribe to the RSS feed of the "your network" page.

Since I also read a series of blogs, it's nice to have "one-stop shopping" for all my daily reading! I use Google's reader, but there are (as you know) other good aggregators out there.

Devon Adams said...

Hey Liz! We're developing an Eng101 course now, and we're gonna try because it can group links so you can use a set directly for a class.

Liz B Davis said...

Mary - I used iShowU for this screencast. It is an excellent and inexpensive ($20) screencasting application - but it is only available for the Mac.

Subscribing to my network page is a great idea! I'm going to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Devon - I have looked at diigo before, but haven't really worked with it. I'll take a second look. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm so happy that you all found this useful.

Ann Oro said...


Another nice screencast. My delicious network is my home page. I take a look at it before Twitter or my RSS reader these days. I just added you to my network.


emapey said...

NJTechTeacher, I agree and My Favorite Feed is My Network

Anonymous said...

Liz, I am definitely one of those that is "catching up" in this area ... so thanks for sharing. Nice screencast. Time to visit my delicious page and start making it yummier!


dd said...

Hey Liz,

Thanks for posting this, looks like you made it onto our team's network:

Oddly enough, I worked in Instructional Technology when I discovered So seeing people in that field using makes me happy.

-dave dash
Delicious team

PDonaghy said...

Hello Liz
Lovely screencast - will be referring to it in a blog shortly!
PS: you might be interested in adding your blog information to the new International Edubloggers Directory at

Leo said...

Thanks for that helpful screencast Liz - I am now a fan!

John Hendron said...


Several years ago, in our small district, I got the idea of creating a delicious account for a group of us- computer aides and media specialists. We each added great websites and tagged them by subject area and grade level (i.e., middle science), and we had a nice RSS feed going of great edu websites!

Jacqui Cyrus said...

Thank you for creating the screencast for networking. It is always a difficult concept to explain to my students.

BTW: '' is a required tool for my undergraduate preservice teachers in the School of Education. Some have kept their lists functional after the completion of my class.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the easy to follow videos to get people started.

One thing that you might want to highlight to your followers / fans is the incredible value of notes.

Clearly you understand tags but notes are even more fabulous.

To illustrate lets imagine all the comments on your blog (just like this one) were merely tags. So instead of the detailed comment it would just be summarized by keywords / tags. This would mean that all you would be able to see was tags like "praise", "recommendation", etc etc instead of the comments them selves.

If you look at your networks contributions you see link tittles, their tags, and if you are lucky a comment that gives more insight into why this person thought the website was interesting. This is extremely valuable for me and for the students that I have using delicious for group projects. It helps them remember why they bookmarked the site and tells their fellow group members the same. (no need to click through to really see what the often un-descriptive tittle of the bookmarked page is about).

But it gets better then that!
When you use the firefox plugin you can highlight the passage on the website that makes it worthwhile to bookmark. Then click Tag and voila, you have just 'quoted' the site. My students love this for research papers...

In short I hope you will encourage your followers to 'spice up' their bookmarks to make them even more delicious for others (as well as themselves)

Liz B Davis said...

Thanks for your great suggestion. I have been trying to use notes more often when I bookmark sites, but often I am just lazy and skip that step. I think you make some great points about the value of taking the time to add some detail to your tags.

KWitt said...

I have just recently learned about myself. I watched a video on Web 2.0 and one of the topics was What advantage does have over the RSS feeds?

Liz B Davis said...

KWitt Delicious is for bookmarking a website and being able tag the site and see all of the sites under one tag. RSS readers collect RSS feeds. They don't work with sites that don't have RSS feeds. Plus, Delicious allows you to follow other people's bookmarks which can help with your research. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for a particular Delicious tag. I know it is kind of confusing. I hope this helps a little bit.

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