Friday, March 28, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

How much is too much?

Technorati Lover

What brought you to my blog today? Am I in your news reader? Do I come to your email? Did someone else link to me? Or, did you see my tweet on Twitter? Did I share this link with you on or Diigo?

As a blogger, I like people to read my blog. I do check my Technorati rating and I'm psyched when it goes up. In January my Technorati rating was 13, today it is 63! I love when people comment on my blog and I love when other people link to me. It makes me feel like I'm not talking to myself. I have thus far, been very fortunate to receive a lot of positive feedback about the things I write.

If I build it, will they come? I struggle with the self promotion aspect of blogging. When I tweet a blog post, I get traffic to my blog. If I tweet it more than once, if I share my post with my network on Diigo or, I get even more traffic. I worry that I'm bugging people, that I'm being selfish and self-serving.

Is this a female thing? Do male bloggers worry about this? Is this a teacher thing? Do commercial bloggers worry about this? How much is too much? Where is the happy medium? Are there rules for this? Should there be? What do you think?
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