Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One For Tuesday 3-25-2008

I've been playing around with a two things this week, Diigo and Flock. I'm in the early stages of exploration, but I wanted to share some of what I have discovered so far. This week I'm going to focus on Diigo (stay tuned for more about Flock in a later post).

1. Getting to know Diigo: I played with Diigo a while ago, but didn't really get into it. Recently, I got an email from them letting me know they had an updated version of the tool, and Steve Hargadon mentioned it during one of the Classroom 2.0 LIVE events. That was enough to get me going.

Diigo seems to be a mashup of many of the best features of del.icio.us, facebook, tumblr and twitter. You can save bookmarks, share them with friends and with groups, join groups, send each other links and messages and comment on your friends' walls. Here is my Diigo Profile. It is a lot and hard to explain. So I made a screencast to show you some of the things I have discovered so far.

I used Jing to record the screencast and uploaded it to www.screencast.com and then embedded it here. I created the screencast on a machine (Vista) with a large screen, so I apologize for the size of the screencast. I can't figure out (even with the help of my vast Twitter network) how to make it any smaller (advice welcome).

Here is the link (I tried embedding it and it took over the page.):Getting to know Diigo

Here is the official Diigo explanation of its product (a little more professional than my screencast). **Today (3/25/08) at 2pm PST (5pm EST) someone from Diigo will be Online at Classroom 2.0 LIVE to answer your Diigo questions.

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