Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two for Tuesday 2-8-08

1. Forming a Technology Study Group: This week at Wellesley High School I am proposing the formation of a technology study group. I want to build a professional community of learners (PLC) interested in exploring the integration of different technologies in the classroom. This group will meet during the school day and the hours attended can be used towards recertification! The content of the group and meeting times will be shaped by the people who are interested in joining. A professional learning community can be defined as a group of
educators committed to working collaboratively in ongoing processes of collective inquiry and action research in order to achieve better results for the students they serve. PLC’s operate under the assumption that the key to improved learning for students is continuous, job-embedded learning for educators. (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, Many. 2006. Learning By Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree)
As far as I know, my school is not currently practicing this form of professional development. I have been trained as a Critical Friends Group coach (CFG), but not specifically as a PLC facilitator. I am hoping to apply my CFG training to this experience and figure the rest out as we go (if I get any takers).

If you are currently participating in a PLC and have any suggestions, I welcome them here. I'm also looking for a text to guide our group. If you know of a book that might work for us, please let me know.

If this comes together, I'm sure you will be hearing about in future blog entries.

2. Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks: Want to know how to track a package, find out what time it is in Hong Kong, and track the status of a flight right from the Google search page? Check out this blog post (read the comments for even more Google search tips).

Image Citation: Stearns, Janice. "Edubloggercon on Flickr." Flickr. 23 June 2007. 8 Jan 2008 .
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