Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting Started With Twitter - Screencast

I know I've written about Twitter before (as have many other people), but Vicki Davis's recent blog posts inspired me to create a Screencast to help people get started using Twitter.

In this video I go over how to sign up, how to set up your account, how to find followers and how to download applications that will help make Twitter more useful to you. Throughout this Screencast, you will see my Twitter network at work. I hope this can help illustrate, especially for those of you who are visual learners, the power of Twitter.

The video was too long (20 minutes) for YouTube, so I am experimenting with (Thanks to @kjarrett in my Twitter network). If you want to be able to stop, start, fast forward and download this video, you will want to click here to watch it. Also, my husband is renovating our basement right now, so the odd noises you hear in the background are not Darth Vader, but his pneumatic nail gun. I apologize in advance for that.

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