Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two for Tuesday 12-18-07

1. Taking Your Slideshow to the Next Level: Avoid Powerpointlessness! Scott Elias, the assistant principal for Loveland High School in Loveland, CO, has created an amazing slide show with audio that brilliantly explains and demonstrates how to use slideshow software effectively. The link above is to the slideshare Website. You can also read more about this on his blog. Thanks so much Scott for sharing this with us.

2. Give Credit Where Credit is Due: This Website was designed by David Warlick to make the process of citing sources more manageable. The Website supports MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian citation formats. It is really easy to use.
Citation Machine is an interactive web tool designed to assist high school, college, and university students, their teachers, and independent researchers in their effort to respect other people's intellectual properties.The primary goal of this tool is to make it so easy for high school, college, and university students and other researchers to credit information sources, there is virtually no reason not to -- because SOMEDAY THE INFORMATION THAT SOMEONE WANTS TO USE, WILL BE YOURS.


Scott Elias said...

Elizabeth -

Thanks for the kind words and for sharing the presentation!

Have a great holiday!

-- Scott

John Strecker said...

Elizabeth! As we prepare to begin some research on that seemingly interminable Native American unit we do in 4th grade, I am excited to try and see what you have offered in this post! BTW, I put some of my favorite dance-music dudes on my long-neglected blog. Remember how to get there? Email me if you forgot. Happy vacation! It was great seeing you in the midst of the winter wonderland night. Must find a way to go to Joe's with the Runkle crew again! (Please feel free to remove the stuff in this comment that don't work in the blog; battery power runninglow so no time to email once I finish!)

samccoy said...

Woohoo! Son of Citation Machine! I use it, and I always reference it when I judge ThinkQuest websites. Some of those teams don't even know how to properly reference their sources, so I list it in a packet of brief links included in my evaluation.
I think you would enjoy judging in the ThinkQuest competition. I will twitter it when they call for judges in Spring of 2008;)

Travis said...

Slide Share is a great tool. You might want to give Mixbook.com a try to collaboratively create a photobook with your class.