Friday, December 7, 2007

Found Twittery - Micro-blogging goes Macro...

In the spirit of found poetry (and due to some writer's block), I thought it might be interesting to go back over my recent Twitter posts and turn my micro-blogging into micro-poetry. Here is my "found twittery..."

Thanks for the Learning

Feeling like I have
blogger's block!
I know I've got to get
out there -
don't yet know
what it will be.

Back on Twitter
catching up on Tweets.
Amazing resources here -

Lately, I'm a taker, not a giver.
I really appreciate all of your gifts!

Comments on my blog -
I have never gotten so many.
It is great to know
I'm not
talking to myself.

Good night all -
It got late when I wasn't looking.

Thanks for the learning.

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