Monday, December 24, 2007

Tracking my Web 2.0 Journey 2006 - 2007

My Blog Stats for 2007

It all began at the Building Learning Communities Conference in the summer of 2006. Tim Tyson, Alan November and Will Richardson opened my eyes to Read/Write Web. I came back to school that year pumped up and ready to participate. I set up a account and a feed reader in August, 2006 and I was on my way. I returned to school in the fall ready to start a podcasting project. I posted my first Book Review Podcasts in December of 2006. I presented on the project at my first conference in March of 2007.

I posted my first blog post on March 31st 2007. That began a new explosion of learning for me. Writing regularly for a global audience is an inspiring and daunting task. It took me a while to find my voice and figure out what I have to say. On April 10th, 2007 I joined Classroom 2.0 on ning. That is where my network truly started to expand. The conversations there were global. I found people who understood the intellectual transformation I was going through. Thanks so much to Steve Hargadon - one of my Web 2.0 heroes and a really nice person.

In the June of 2007 I attended NECC for the first time. It was Edubloggercon (thanks again to Steve Hargadon) and the blogger cafe that set me off on my next journey. I met people face to face that I had only "seen" Online. I actually spoke to Joyce Valenza, Chris Lehmann and Will Richardson. The conversations I had there were inspiring. That is also where I learned about Twitter.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now. I've written about Twitter before, so I won't say much in this post. I will say that Twitter is the most powerful new tool I've encountered this year. I've discovered a network of amazing, interesting and helpful people. The collective Edtech twitter mind has helped me when I was stuck, alerted me to interesting blog posts and online learning opportunities, introduced me to many useful tools and just made me laugh.

I can't imagine what 2008 will bring (hopefully a democrat in the white house - I digress), but 2007 is a hard act to follow.

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