Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 21st Century Learning Interview on EdTechTalk

I was honored to be interviewed by Alex Rangone, Arvind Grover, Vinnie Vrotney, on their EdTechTalk show 21st Century Learning.  This show focuses primarily on the Independent School world. It was a lot of fun. Alex, Arvind, and Vinnie ask great questions! I also appreciate everyone who was in the chat room.

If you haven't checked out the shows on EdTechTalk I highly reccomend that you do. They have several shows each week on various education related topics. The shows run with a live chat room and can also be accessed and downloaded at anytime. This is another great way to build your network.


Alex Ragone said...

Thanks again for being on our show, Liz. It was so much fun to talk to you. That half hour went so quickly.

Love the radio image. Sometimes I feel like that with our Blue microphones:

Looking forward to watching your EduCon presentation and keeping up with your work.

Best, - Alex

Susan Carter Morgan said...

Liz, I enjoyed listening to the podcast today on my run! Your comment about parallel worlds was right. But I love your thoughts on how teachers anywhere are--teachers. You are wise in your approach this year, and it sounds like it is working well.