Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two For Tuesday 11/25/08

1. Poll Everywhere: Live Audience Polling via Text Messaging
Put those cell phones to good use! Poll Everywhere allows students to answer a question using SMS text messages or the web. The results of the poll are shown in real time online in a browser or in a PowerPoint. Try this poll: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Food? Text Cast 27516 and your message to 41411 (for example I would send this text message "Cast 27516 Mashed Potatoes" to the number 41411. Free accounts are limited to 30 responses so get your anwer in quick. You can see the results here.

2. DoInk: Create and share custom animations
Use this free tool to create your own animations. You can draw your own pictures, or animate pictures shared by others. I had a lot of fun with this tool and made a series of (very simple) animations. You can see one of them below. Give it a try and share a link to your animations, so we can check them out.


Christopher Marks said...


Thanks for these two online tools. I didn't know these, and I'm definitely checking these out.


Barbara said...

Thanks for the links, Liz! Gosh, Doink looks so cool and I'd love to try it with kids, but when you go to the main page there are some animations that would be inappropriate in our K-8 setting...I never know what to do in these instances...

Thanks for the links,