Monday, November 10, 2008

Two For Tuesday 11/11/08

I was honored to be a guest on the Edtechtalk show Seedlings this week. I had so much fun chatting with Bob Sprankle, Alice Barr and Cheryl Oakes. Thanks to Bob for sharing this first website as one of his Geek of the Week picks.

1. Quizlet eats Flashcards for Breakfast
Create your own flashcards or draw on the thousands of flashcards already created by others. Subjects include French, Spanish and Chinese, algebra, geometry, history, biolog. Quizlet features three modes, familiarize, learn and test mode. It will also make your flashcards into a game and allows you to study Online with a group. Teachers can share materials online with classes, or print paper copies to use in class.

2. The Eddie Awards 2008
It's that time again. Think about your favorite educator blogs, who do you read regularly, who inspires you, who makes you think, who provides great resources and vote for your picks. The categories include Best Individual Blog, Best Teacher Blog, Best Group Blog, Best Librarian Blog and more. To nominate your favorites, write a blog post explaining who you have picked, link back to the Eddie Awards page and use this contact form to let them know about your post. Stay tuned for my nominations coming soon.
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