Monday, October 13, 2008

Two for Tuesday 10-14-08

1. Visual Search Engine: Search Cube
This search engine shows your results as a three dimensional "rubik's" like cube. A preview each website, video or image is shown as an individual square on the cube. You can rotate the cube by using your arrow keys or by holding down the shift key and using your mouse. Mouse over each square to see a larger preview and more details about the site. Whether or not you find what you are looking for, it is pretty cool to watch the sites drop in to the cube.

2. The Growth of Walmart Across America: Flowing Data
Thanks to my colleague Mr. Sherman for sharing this website. Watch as Walmarts spread across the country. Starting in 1962 and running through 2007, this website visually tracks new Walmart Stores as they expand across the country. Notice the year in the lower right corner of the map and the number of Walmarts in the upper left corner.

The Flowing Data Website features many more examples of ways to visualize data.


Tim Best said...

Hey Liz,
Love that Walmart link. Good stuff, thanks!

MrsE said...

That's an interesting search engine. Got a real chuckle out of my first search for "war of 1812" which brought up a YouTube video: Ren & Stimpy - the war of 1812. LOL