Monday, October 13, 2008

Flipping for my Flip Video Camera

I just received my new Flip Mino video camera and so far I am loving it. It worked right out of the box, just turn it on and press record. It is easy to use, works in low light and the sound quality seems pretty good. Connecting it to my Vista PC was easy, I could see and make simple edits to the clips using software running right on the camera. The software is fine for basic editing and sharing, but not robust enough for a more intricate video project.

On my Mac running Leopard I had to install a Quicktime patch (right from the phone). The Flip software ran on my Mac, but I was also able to import the clips to iMovie 6 and edit them from there. (I downloaded iMovie 6 from the Apple Website, since the new iMovie is really bad). Here is a short video I made, my kids (Ben - 6 and Abby - 4) star in the video (with me in a supporting role) and they did all of the filming.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Go Sox)
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