Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BlogHer - The Community for Women Who Blog

I just read about the BlogHer annual conference in the New York Times this weekend. I've signed up on the site and discovered that there is going to be a one day conference in Boston in October.

Thus far, my experience in the blogosphere has been very education based. I am excited about the opportunity to explore blogging with women who blog on a variety of different topics. I have also, dare I say it, felt at times some gender inequity in the world of educational blogging. There are probably more women who blog in this realm, but it seems like the men get the press and the keynotes. Maybe I'm overly sensitive, maybe I'm right...

I'm planning on attending the conference in October and look forward to expanding my network and learning more about blogging. Care to join me?

Image Source: Wendy Piersall's photostream on Flickr: BlogHer08 Conference Photos
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