Sunday, May 18, 2008

Technology Tutorials for Teachers.

I have created tutorial documents for several Web 2.0 tools and have posted them all on this Wiki:


Please feel free to link, share, or download any of the materials on the Website. I will continue to add to the site and welcome feedback on the tutorials (let me know if anything needs to be edited or changed).

I hope that you will find this resource helpful!


Miss B said...

Liz, this is wonderful - thanks so much for sharing.

page said...

Great resource - thanks for posting it, Liz

etalbert said...

I think your work is brilliant!

I enjoy your blog, wiki and look for you at all other sites to "friend".

I am spreading the word about top bloggers like you, to teachers in my state.

Lorena said...

Great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent wiki, Liz. I plan on sharing the section on Google Spreadsheets with my calculus students - we are supposed to do a little tech training on MS Excel in our calculus courses, but there are several who don't have Excel on their own machines, and so I want to get the department to switch to using Google Spreadsheets instead. This will help.

I had no idea you could use Google Spreadsheets to make a web form! Very cool.

I might have simply missed this, but do you think you could whip together some slides on RSS and how to use Google Reader? That's probably the #1 thing I'd like my students to know how to use that they've probably never heard of.