Wednesday, October 17, 2012

iPad Ideas for October 17th, 2012

1. Handwriting Recognition - WritePad really works! I have been on the lookout for a good iPad App that will turn handwriting to text and this one really works. It will convert your writing to typed text as you go. It also syncs to Dropbox and Google Drive! It is pricey at 9.99, but if you prefer to take notes by hand, this could be a really useful App to own.

2. Grading on the iPad is a free Online grading website 
that works pretty nicely on the iPad. I like it because I can enter my grades from any computer or device and, because it is web-based, I can access those grades anywhere. Learnboost also allows you to weight categories and print reports about individual students. There is also funcitonality to add lesson plans and connect to Google Apps.


Quentin Morris said...

Ms. Davis,
I am Michael Morris and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. I have been struggling on effective ways to incorporate iPad technology in the classroom. For my class, I was assigned to do a blog post about the iSchool Initiative. In my post I shared my thoughts on how this focus on technology would take away the experience of sitting down and writing a paper without the option of spell check and the need to have readable handwriting. I feel that the Handwriting Recognition app would be an answer to my question. The students would still get writing experience and be forced to improve handwriting, but it would be converted into a typed document, making it easier for the teacher to read. This would still give the teacher to teach students the writing process and allow them to work through it using improved technology. Like you mentioned, the only disadvantage is the price and it would get expensive purchasing the app for each student's iPad. I believe that teachers should have access to an iPad for their grading needs. The iPad is easier to tote around than a laptop and allows teachers to grade assignments that are uploaded to Google Drive and enter the grades through a grading website. Thank you for sharing these great ideas with me and your other readers.

Lee B said...


WritePad is available in Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Education for $4.99 if you buy 20+