Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten Flashcard Apps for Tuesday

Check out these 10 flashcard websites (in no particular order). Most have mobile and iPad apps too.

1. Cobocards » Study flashcards and vocabulary online


Sharon Elin said...

These are great tools to share with my students. It'll be fun to get them to review the different apps and consolidate their opinions.

Have you looked at Quizlet.com? It's an excellent flashcard generator site, designed by a student. It also includes interactive learning games you can use with the cards.


Liz B Davis said...

My students love Quizlet. I agree it is a great tool. We use it a lot here.

Paul Husser said...

I would also suggest trying flashcards from FunnelBrain. They have an easy to use program to create flashcards on your own. Or you can try out ready made flashcards on almost any subject. Just thought I would add them to your post! Oh and they really are worth it to spend some time checking them out.

Unknown said...

Studyblue has definitely served me well for all around use.
When it comes to flashcards for learning country locations and flags, our app Geo Challenge is one of the best out there.