Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Digital Journalism Online School Journal goes Live!

Named for the classroom where we meet, Morse18.com is an Online journal created by the students in my digital journalism course. My students researched a variety of technology tools and chose Wordpress. We purchased server space on Blue Host and installed the Magazine Basic template. Thanks to Jeff Utecht for inspiring us with his Magazine Basic site.

Please take a moment to check out this site. My students will be thrilled to see some hits on their stats page. If you are interested in learning more about the course, here is a link to my syllabus. I taught this course last spring, but have changed it completely for this year, the syllabus is a work in progress. I welcome your feedback on both the website and the course.

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i LEAD said...

A helpful site for those aspiring journalism. The syllabus is also prepared in such a way not to make the exhaustive studies monotonous. Usage of digital journalism tools is also well appreciated. Keep it up!