Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Digital Journalism Syllabus 2010

Second semester I will be teaching a new high school course for the first time titled "Digital Journalism." It is an English elective for juniors and seniors inspired by and based on Howard Rheingold's Stanford course of the same title.

I have been working on my syllabus for a while and have just completed a draft of my syllabus for the first quarter. It is a work in progress and definitely will change once the course starts.

I would welcome and encourage your suggestions, questions and ideas! (In particular I am looking for two more short videos for the end of the quarter.)

Thanks in advance!


GadgetGirl said...

Sounds great! I just completed an examination of the impact of citizen media on the history of the future. I'd be happy to share my research paper if you are interested. I will take a look at your syllabus over the next few days. In the meantime, you might want to check out this Clay Shirky video on how social media can impact history. It might be a good one to include.

Mike Gorman said...

What an awesome course. Imagine, teaching kids journalistic (is that a word) techniques that prepare them for their future. Why is the obvious always so novel? One idea that I had that you may want to try is include twitter as both a way to get info and also post it. They would also learn the art of validating a source. Best, they would learn the art of saying important information in as small of word count as possible. An art I have not accomplished in this reply. I am interested in how your course goes! I know the kids will love it!

FMuraca said...

This is the first I have ever heard of digital journalism as a course offering, and I think it sounds fantastic. I was browsing your syllabus and I was did not notice anything that would be going out to print. In courses that I took in high school (less than 10 years ago) we had a common goal of creating something together as a class. Obviously digital would mean the lack of print, but I was thinking that there may be some type of project to bring the class together as a whole. From what I have gathered this is more of a course for the individual to gather their own experiences. That could be an interesting, bringing students together instead of individual journalists and making one common goal. Just a thought, but that might not be the overall goal. What do you think?