Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two For Tuesday 2/10/09

1. Facebook In Reality
A real life depiction of Facebook. This is pretty funny. If you are an adult new to Facebook you can probably relate! (Beware of some slightly unseemly language towards the end of the video.) Thanks to @Deacs84 for sharing this one.

2. Jeopardy Labs
This website allows you to create your own Jeopardy games without using PowerPoint. You can also browse for and use other people's games. The software keeps score and can be shown full screen. Teachers can use this to help students study for a test. Students can use this to test themselves and/or can create games for their class to play. Another great link from Linda George!

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georgygrrl said...

Hi Liz! How are you?
Thanks for peeking at my blog. I keep finding more and more fun, educational stuff. I need my students for longer periods of time to use them all!! LOL
Hope to see you somewhere soon!