Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seven Things You Don't Need to Know about Me

Thanks to Nic Mobbs for tagging me for this one. It was a lot of fun to do.

1. I am a Lindy Hop swing dancer and met my husband at Swing Dancing camp.

2. Louie CK was my high school boyfriend.

3. I hate cilantro.

4. My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in a corner!).

5. Red is my favorite color.

6. My first job after college: manager of the stationary, toys and luggage department at Jordan Marsh department store.

7. I traveled across the country on a Harley Davidson motorcycle (yes I was younger then).

Now to tag 7 people:
Lisa Thumann
Jen Wagner
Steve Hargadon
Diane Cordell
Sue Waters
Page Lennig
David Truss
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