Monday, July 21, 2008

So You Think You Can Write!

OK - I know I've written about So You Think You Can Dance before, but I can't help but share this link to a SYTYCD blog discussion forum about who should be voted off this week. Yes, I know reality television is not exactly high art, but I am struck by the intelligence of this discussion. For the most part each person who has posted has explained thoughtfully why they favor one dancer over another. They bring in examples and respectfully disagree with each other.

I've seen the live tour for this show and, believe me, the average age in the arena is about 17 (with a large number of 9 year olds thrown in for good measure) and yes my husband and I are among the oldest in the crowd. I think this is a great example of young people passionately and thoughtfully writing about something because they care about it, not because someone told them to. And now we have a new word, "meh," love it.
"Well I'm the biggest Mark fan and between the two of them, if we're looking at the quality of performance, Gev should have stayed based on last week. He shouldn't have even been in the bottom 2; Twitch should have been there (again, IMO).

But if I look across the season, I've preferred Mark (and I prefer him to Twitch and even Will, who is amazing but I'm sort of meh about). I think the likelihood of him making it past this week is small, even with a strong performance since it's all fanbase now. But I'm going to vote my heart out for him. I have been dying for him to be paired with Katee."
Here is Mark's Solo if you are interested:

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