Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trickle Down Tech-inomics

I have been working at a grassroots level to help teachers find ways to incorporate 21st century tools into their curriculum. I've made great progress with many teachers and they are spreading the word to their colleagues. The movement is growing and at the level of teacher and student we are making a difference. That is where it matters and slowly change is happening.

I think it is now time for administrators to come on board. To truly make a difference, superintendents, principals, and department heads need to start blogging, podcasting, and participating in social networks like Twitter and Ning. We need to gear some of our technology professional development to the needs of administrators. Andrew Torres wrote a great post about Why School Leaders Should Blog. He articulates well the benefits that blogging brings to the entire school community. Dennis Richards is an excellent example of a school superintendent who is leading the way for his district.

How do we get school leaders to see these benefits? Are your district leaders using these tools? Do you have ideas about ways to make this happen? Please share them here.

Photo Credit: Trickle Down the Mountain from gkaren96's Flickr photostream

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